Monday, January 10, 2022

Quick Updates: Mapletree Commercial Trust and Gold

Mapletree Commercial Trust owns a popular mall and 2 business parks in the southern part of Singapore.  I bought a small 2-3% position during the 2020 crisis, but never had a chance to buy more.  Turns out to be lucky.  They recently announced a disastrous merger to bail out their HK based sibling.  I don't like the new properties injected (office and discretionary retail), and its too small a position to investigate all these properties scattered around Asia.  I sold it today, taking a small 18% profit, excluding dividends.

For me, its changed from a "buy-and-hold-forever" stock to a "buy-if-cheap" stock.  The number of good companies on SGX grows smaller day by day.

Bought a 4.5% position in gold when it was oversold the past few days.  Hoping to get up to 10%.

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