Saturday, August 1, 2020

What I'm doing

I'm now 95% invested.  85% if we count gold as cash.  Probably for the first time since this blog started.

There's always the risk of another market crash, but if we hold cash, we will lose to inflation.  The Fed is always printing.

Dividend Portfolio

Bought large positions in WMB and KMI several weeks ago, after news of Buffet buying into the sector.  These are boring, 'old man' utility stocks...but with some growth potential as their cashflows can fund expansion.

Also bought a half position in Delfi - the USD is no longer rising and threatening EMs.  More of a growth stock, but still pays a (trailing) 4% dividend.  Could grow.  Could fall too.

I am probably not yet earning enough in dividends to live off, but its getting close.

Growth Portfolio

This is all in commodity copper miners (SCCO, Lundin, COPX) and and oil producers (EQNR, CNQ), as inflation plays.  

Cash and Equivalents

I'd like to convert my gold to gold miners (GDX, GDXJ, FNV), but the miners are way overbought now.

Other Ideas

For the first time in a while, I have more ideas than cash!
  • For my dividend portfolio, I may add small positions in Ascendas India Trust or Link Reit.
  • Airports look interesting as cyclical plays.  We will get a recovery sometime, think it will be sharp when it happens.
  • Crypto looks interesting, as a small speculation.