Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Sold VET and WHC

Exited these trading positions, because VIX is approaching 20.  The market could start cascading down as VIX approaches the 30s.

For VET:

  • OVX is in the mid 30s.
  • Oil is weakening in Hedgeye's trend signal (but still bullish).
  • VET's chart has a big high-volume-red-candle on Tues night.  Normally one red candle won't make me sell, but combine it with the other stuff.

For WHC, its a harder decision, the chart looks OK - it may keep going up:

I am probably leaving some money on the table here.  A short term trader would probably buy it today and sell a few days later.  Especially as VIX enters the 20s into a choppy market.  But I still decided to sell now since I'm free today, and may not be able to trade later.

Small profit on both trades.