Monday, August 24, 2009


Sold these:

Wed 18th Aug 09
  • 13 lots MIDAS @ 67c
  • 2 lots Venture @ $8.26
  • 12 lots Hi-P @ 65c
  • 4 lots Wheelock @ $1.75
  • 10 lots Broadway @ 52c
  • 8 lots Frasers Centerpoint @ 98c
  • 5 lots SATs @ 2.45
  • 4 lots Yanlord @ 2.36

Thurs 19th Aug 09

  • 6 lots A-REIT @ 1.62

Most of these trades were either losing trades, or else ones I was holding because 'they were going up'. Sold because IBD signalled a downturn, but was a false signal. US mkt shot up on Fri.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bought Yanlord

Fri 14th Aug 09, bought 4 lots @ $2.53

Was near support, and MACD histogram turned green.
Am having second thought now, due to the behaviour of the SSE.....Also not sure if the price/vol behaviour of the stock is correct - it fell in high vol in early Aug.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

US market: July rally

After 1 month see-sawing, the market jumped fast and furious - with only 1-or-2 day pullbacks, similar to the Mar rally.

Difficult time for retail investors - with no pullbacks to enter, your options are to close your eyes and buy, or wait for the pullback.

Pullback has occured on the last few days, with all 3 indexes giving a distribution day. Unexpectedly good employment numbers on Fri - market rallied as expected, but the Nasdaq looks a little tired.

Not enough for a change in the trend... the trend is up, look to go long. I still don't believe in the fundamentals of this rally, but need to be on board - no point trying to second guess when it will turn.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bought SATS, Venture

Wed 5th Aug. Bought 5 lots SATS @ $2.14. Was close to support. 4-red, 1-green.

Also bought 1 lot venture @ $8.74.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Panic Buying

On Mon 27th Jul, bought:
  • 10 lots broadway @ 42.5c
  • 4 lots wheelock $$1.88
  • 12 lots Hi-p @ 69.5
  • 1 lot Venture @ $8.30
  • 8 lots Frasers Centerpoint @ $1.07

There was no real plan, no TA, just buying tech and high-beta stocks because the Nasdaq is going up. The rally is too strong, dont want to be left out. Now abt 70% invested.

Long term, I still don't believe in this rally's fundamentals. But need to be on board.