Wednesday, September 6, 2023

My Positions

For investments:

  • Increased TRP to my max of 5%.
For trades:
  • Sold off a lot of gold last week.  Expect higher inflation this month, real rates fall, gold rises.  May get a chance to buy it back cheaper.
  • Copper is not bearish anymore.  Cover my small COPX position.  Was a mistake to hold so long (often against the trend) from middle of last year.
  • Silver bullish again, bought a 0.5% position, may go to 1%.  
Update: 18/Sep/23:
  • Cut Silver, it broke down
  • Took a 1.5% position in WHC, Aussie coal.  Expect price spikes if this winter is cold.  Would go up to 3%.

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