Saturday, March 25, 2023

My Positions

Not much changed.  My shorts are still slightly in the red while waiting for the big bear market.  Dunno weather it'll be a crash like March 2020 or continue to be a long one like 2001-02.

Update 23/Apr - the numbers were wrong, there was an extra minus sign making one of my shorts long. The real numbers in Mar were:

The only position changes have been:
  • Bought gold in Feb.  As we move into the second half of the bear market and rate expectations drop, gold should do well.  Unless we get a crash like March 2020.
  • Interactive Brokers forced me out of my short Italy (EWI) position at the worst time, I replaced it with XLB, BITO, XOP, INDA.
  • Still regularly adding cash, the salary from my day-job as a garbage man.  Added around 3% cash this year.
The percentage changes:
  • Oil dropped, and my oil/gas producers/pipelines with it.  Oil price is the biggest factor affecting my portfolio.  Wiped off around 4-5% of the portfolio.  My bet on oil rising due to Chiana reopening failed.  Still holding these positions.  Tempted to buy more Equinor now.  Or Tidewater.  Dunno....they'll drop if we get a crash, but could go up if its a long-drawn-out bear market.
  • Delfi rose 30% on good results to become my largest position.  Not selling, its still cheap-and-growing, will buy a little more if the market crashes.
 Overall, still treading water.  Its a tough market, for longs or shorts.

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