Friday, April 5, 2019

Systematic Trading: Week 7

US market went up slowly but steadily this week on trade deal news.  I bought 2 stocks in each portfolio on Monday (6th Apr) - now both are fully invested with 25 stocks each.

My Acquirers Multiple portfolio is down around 2%.  My Momentum portfolio is up around 1%.

Value (The Acquirer's Multiple)

Bought the next 2 stocks from The Acquirer's Multiple All Investable Stock Screener.  I will now wait for quarterly rebalancing.

Momentum (Clenow)

Bought 2 stocks:
  • GH (Guardant Health), bought 50 shares @ $77.53
  • TNDM  (Magenta Therapeutics Inc), bought 232 shares @ $16.66

My Portfolio

Is around 50% cash, 30% systematic and 20% discretionary.  

I'm sitting on the fence.  I want to be in the market because it can go up - I don't think we've had the final burst of euphoria that marks the end of a cycle.  Its like we're in 1998.  But we're also nearer to the end of the cycle than the beginning - and its hard to find stocks I want to buy-and-hold at these prices.  The systematic strategies help me participate in a rising market, but limit downside if the market drops like in 2008.

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