Saturday, December 10, 2011

SG Property Development Rules

New (and existing) rules applying to property developers (BT Fri 9th Dec, front page, Kalpana Rashiwala).

Old rules:
  • Any developer buying a Government Land Sale (GLS) residential site had to complete development in 5 years (no time limit on sales).
  • When buying a private sector residential site, foreign developers have to obtain a Qualifying Certificate, which requires 5 year limit for the TOP (development) and another 2 year limit on sales. Any developer with even a single foreign shareholder is considered 'foreign', hence CDL, Capitaland & Wheelock face these limits. Only local, privately owned developers (Far East, Hoi Hup) were except.

New rules:

  • For any site bought after Dec 8th, must develop and sell all units within 5 years. Otherwise they must pay a 10% additional buyer's stamp duty (ABSD) at the end of the 5 year period (with interest).

My thoughts:

  • Levels the playing field between private and publicly owned property developers.
  • Forcing developers to sell during a downturn may exacerbate it. Every last unit must be sold within the timeframe. Would these measures be removed? Retroactively?
  • I used to like Wheelock due to their astute market timing. As they have no undeveloped property in its landbank: they are now restricted to developing and selling any new land withing 5 years (previously it was 7).
  • SC Global may benefit, as they have a large bank of prime freehold land bought before the restrictions came into force.


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Thanks for sharing the rules regarding the development of the property its good for knowledge.
Brian Linnekens

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One really great post on SG.