Saturday, July 17, 2010

US market: new bull market?

After 2 attempts that died out within a few says, we get a FTD on Jul 7th:

A distribution day occurred on day 7 of the rally. S&P500 down 2.9% on 30% higher vol, Nasdaq down 3.1% on 10% increase. Mitigating this (from IBD):
  • Higher volume partially accounted for by options expiration
  • Friday's volume increase in Bank of America alone accounted for most of the NYSE's increased trade.
  • Many top-rated stocks fell with the market, but in reduced or only average volume. This was a sign of strength, especially considering the options expiration day, which typically boosts trade.
I'll take this to be a normal pullback in a bull market until proven otherwise. Trying to determine the US market trend for the Singapore market.

I think its time to dip my toes in the water. Looking for SG stocks that are showing signs of accumulation, but also have clear support (cut loss) may still turn out to be a range bound or downtrending market. Have to remind myself that it is only when things feel uncertain..then it is safer to buy.

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