Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Watching & waiting

Still unsure mkt direction. Watching:
  • M1. V. Strong trend, but no clear entry point.
  • Parkway: same
  • Goodpack: same
  • Biosensors: same
  • PLife Reit: Maybe, but not expected to be a leading stock
  • Suntec REIT: Maybe, just at its 25 and 50 MAs.
  • SC Global: See if it respects 10 month upsloping trendline. Current >.
  • UOB KH: Upsloping 10 month trendline sppt (from weekly chart)
  • Singland: broken H&S
  • Thomson medical center. Holding up well, but illiquid.
  • Tianjin Zong Pharma: same
  • Broadway Indust: is respecting green MA. But v illiquid.
  • Breadtalk: same
  • Stats chippac

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