Saturday, April 11, 2009

Stocks that have gone up (Nov 08 to Mar 09)

While waiting for an appropriate time to enter the market:

ARA Asset Management
Biosensors Intl
capitalretail china
chemoil energy limited
dairy farm (did not fall for the entire bear market)
Epure (under 25c)
fortune real estate inv trust
golden agri (mabye)
HIP (probably overbrought now - up 50% in 6 weeks)
Jardine C&C (double bottom Nov/Mar, just brokeout - up 60% in the last 6 weeks)
Keppel mabye (recent breakout - up 30% in 6 weeks)
Kim Eng (stockbroker)
Pan united corp
RMG (vested)
Rotary Engineering
SiHuan Pharma Holdings
Tat Hong (mabye)
Tianjin zhong xin pharma group (did not fall for the entire bear market)
UOB-KH (stockbroker)

No clear sector leadership.
- Some resource stocks: Traders (Noble/Olam) and CPO (wilmar, golder agri) and SPC
- China pharma

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