Monday, November 2, 2009

Sold everything

Because we are in a correction.

Today (2nd Nov 09):
  • 10 lots Midas @81.5c
  • 20 lots Boustead @ 73.5c
  • 2 lots Kep Corp @ $8.07
  • 12 lots RMG @ $1.33

Singapore market (not juat STI) is holding up remarkably well.

Update tomorrow (3rd Nov 09):

  • Sold 26 lots Cambridge @ 44.5c

Calculated a nett 28K gain (approx 28%) over 2.5 years (July 08 to now)... this includes a terrible bear market and probably the fastest recovery we'll see in our lives. Includes dividends, and estimates brokerage.

Now keep a watchlist of counters showing strength - this correction may end in a week or two.

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