Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bought Bukit Sembawang, Rotary Engineering

Wed 18th-Nov-09:
  • 10 lots Rotary Engineering @ 1.07
  • 2 lots Bukit Sembawang @ 4.88

Both showing MACD-divergence, may have broken out of trendline. I await: HH on high vol.

My scanning criteria. I want:

  • tocks that have not fallen much in the past 2 month.
  • Volume should be high on up-days and lower on down days. Rotary shows this, BS a little. In the current market, there are a lot of stocks showing distribution (eg: SGX, Guocoland).
  • MACD or MACD-H divergence with price.

I took positions abt half my normal size, because still not sure of overall market direction:

  • US indexes making new highs, but no solid volume confirmation, and depth had not confirmed the uptrend (12th Nov) either.
  • Singapore market seems trendless.
  • But the individual charts good with well defined cut loss points... must remind myself that by the time everything is perfect, the opportunity will be gone.

With hindsight, bought at intraday high as they went down today :( But at least today's down was light volume.

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