Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bought OSIM, Parkway

  • Breakout after flat for 3 weeks.
  • Bought 15 lots @ 95.5 cents
Long term chart shows next resistance at $1.12:

Short term chart shows previous low at 87.5c (cut loss slightly more than 8%):

  • bought 5 lots @ $3.25
  • healthy retracement, still in uptrend. Support probably 3.20 (MA).
[Updated 25/Apr/10]

It has retested 3.14 twice since then. This level is also a previous high.

Was a mistake to buy this too soon, before the support became apparent, by retested at least once... or having a clear low..., which we still don't have, so not sure if this is it.

Still, the retracement is healthy:
  • low vol
  • Did not fall much in the broad-based selloff that lasted the whole of last week.
Will hold for now.

Accumulation is more apparent on weekly chart.

Fortis is still accumulating, up to 25% by 29th Mar.