Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sold Keppel, Bought A-Reit

Sold 1 lot Keppel at $4.58 on 17th Nov. Keppel was a mistake because I have not had time to study it properly.

Bought 3 lots A-Reit yesterday at $1.30. By my calcumations, this should give at lease a projected 10% yield.


SGDividends said...

Hi Black Cat,

Is there a reason you are selling Keppel Corp. We did not research this stock thoroughly, just glance through some reuters ratios and attended their management investor briefing. ( we have not positions in it)

Could you let us know why its a mistake? Would like to hear your insights.

Black Cat said...

Hi SGDividends,

I simply havent had time to research it. Keppel is complex because:
- it is a conglomerate, dealing in property development and engineering (I have to analyse two companies for the price of one), and
- it has project based (lumpy) revenue
- and is in cyclical industries.

I don't think theres any problems with the company, but the above means it is hard to calculate what price I would be comfortable to buy and hold. When I'm buying in this sort of market - catching falling knives - I really need to be sure that what I buy is worth more than I pay for it.

Long term, I think the main risk is oil prices staying below $50 ... this is anyone's guess...

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