Friday, October 3, 2008

Pfood: WTF happened?

On Sept 30th:

First thought was that this is something to do with China pork industry. But if there were problems the HK people would know about it first - Yurun's chart shows no selling:

I've lost abt 4K (unrealised), a small enough amount that I can still sleep at night. Even if I lose the entire amount invested (abt 10% of my portfolio), I would be able to recover.

Either theres something wrong with pfood in particular, or else the price has been hit irrationally, eg: by shortists or a fund being forced to sell quickly. I don't know. Given pfood's track record, it is probably the latter. But I decided not to buy more at a lower price, just in case.... I will probably regret it, but being able to sleep at night is more important.

Before it fell, I was previously tempted to buy more pfood, as it is the only good buy idea I had. Luckily I did not. This highlights the importance of risk management. Meaning "not getting killed when you are wrong".

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