Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cut loss #2

On 21st Aug, sold everything except pfood (long term investment) and boustead (still waiting to confirm if the split shares are debited into my acct):
  • HI-P at 57c (loss $465)
  • Sp Chem at 57.429c (loss $-640)
  • Oceanus at 39.5c (loss -$720)
Total realised loss (incl. Venture, excl Boustead and pfood) is -$3745.

I was hoping for a tradeable rally like the Mar-May one, but we don't seem to be getting it. In the US, we have:
  • Too many distribution days at the start of the rally (4 in one month)
  • No clear leadership in sectors. One day financials are rallying, other days energy, other days tech.
  • Failed breakouts.
In Singapore we have a continual sea of red as the STI broke through the 2800 level, and has not even made an attempted rebound.

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